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Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training is a brief course designed to acquaint the aspiring Montessori teachers with the Montessori system of teaching which is radically different from other systems as it allows unrestricted liberty to children in a prepared environment. Montessori way of teaching has always been considered an efficacious method of education which have immense beneficial effect on social, cognitive and physical development of the children. Montessori Method of teaching stresses on the education which has to be individualized for each child and a Montessori teacher needs to organize the classroom settings according to the children’s needs by incorporating materials from simple to complex and guiding the children likewise. The certificate course imparts training on the Montessori approach along with ways to develop observation and analytical skills in future Montessori educators. Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training course can be taken by anyone associated with the Montessori Method of teaching and education.

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The minimum eligibility for enrolling in Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training course is 10 + 2. Aspiring as well as experienced teachers who desire to gain knowledge in Montessori teaching methods or upgrade their teaching skills to excel in their chosen area are encouraged to take the course. Teaching aspirants who are planning to enter the field of Montessori education needs to pursue a comprehensive professional course in Montessori teacher training which will provide them with the knowledge, philosophy and teaching methods of Montessori. A Montessori teacher does not really teach but leads the children towards independence and self-discipline. Therefore, it is imperative that the teachers get trained properly before they take up teaching jobs.

Curriculum - Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training
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>Phase 1: Dr Maria Montessori- her Philosophy and Methodology > Phase 2: Exercises of Practical Life >Phase 3: Sensorial >Phase 4: Language and Story Telling

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