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Sant Gadge Baba Technical Institue conducts advanced mobile repairing course for students as well as professionals who wish to make a career out of handset servicing. It teaches you how to repair all types of smartphones and tablets. You will learn all the skills required to be a professional mobile phone repair technician. The program covers both hardware and software repairs. The training starts from basic knowledge of electronics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of problems. People prefer to learn mobile repairing at Sant Gadgebaba Technical Institute because of its systematic and in-depth training with practical experience on all major topics. After completing our mobile repairing course, the trainee will easily be able to repair both GSM and CDMA smartphones including iphones. Chinese phones are also covered in the syllabus. One can make a career in it either by working as a technician at a service center or by setting up his own mobile phone repair business.

6/12 Months

1. Introduction of Mobile Technology 2. Information of Mobile (Operating System). 3. Information of Sim card, Features and Service Provider. 4. Mobile Soft and Hard Reset its solution. 5. How to Create & Use of Gmail id. 6. How to Create & Use of Apple id. 7. How to Create & Use of Windows id. 8. Software Package Information. 9. SE Tool Box Installation. 10. SE Tool Box Operating. 11. ATF Box Installation. 12. ATF Box Operating. 13. Z3X Installation. 14. Z3X Operating. 15. China CPU Information. 16. miracle box Installation. 17. miracle box Operating.
1. Information of Multimeter & its Testing. 2. How to Operate SMD. 3. Power Supply (BAKU) Operating. 4. Use of Battery Booster and soldering Iron. 5. Chip Component Replace. 6. Jumper, Display, Touch Replace. 7. Information of Mobile Section & IC (BGA IC, FLAT IC, GLASS IC) 8. Information of Electronic Components (PF, Resistance, Coil, Antina, Car Antina, Fuse, coupler, Transistor, Condenser,) 9. Information of Pasted IC. 10. Connector Information (Sim connector,Battery,Charging, Handfree). 11. Checking & Use & Types of Problems (Speaker,Mic,Ringer, Vibrator,MMC). 12. Supply Checking (Speaker, Mic, Ringer, Vibrator, charging, on/off, handfree, Lcd, camera, sim connector, mmc socket). 13. Mobile Assembling, Disassembling & Fault Picture. 14. Track Repairing Break & short. 15. Circuit Diagram. 16. How to work on IC (Flat, Glass). 17. How to Work on BGA IC (Reballing & Replacing).
1. Dead Mobile related Parts, Condition (Liquid damage, gira hua, high voltage) on work, shorting (full & half) booting knowledge, hardware & software solutions. 2. Charging Related Parts & (No charging, Auto charging, charging show karta hai but battery nahi bharti) & Solutions. 3. Network Related Parts, Types of Problems, Hardware & Software (IMEI) Solutions. 4. Display Related Parts, Hardware & Software (Half on) Solutions. 5. Backlight related parts and its Solutions. 6. Sim Related parts, Hardware & Software (IMEI) Solutions. 7. Ringer Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutions. 8. Speaker Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutions. 9. Mic Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutions. 10. Keypad Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutions. 11. Hang Related Parts, Types of Problems, Hardware & Software Solutions. 12. Memory Card Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutions. 13. Touch Screen & Types of Problems & Solutions. 14. Handfree Related Parts & Solutions. 15. Auto off Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutiions. 16. Camera Related Parts, Types of Problems & Solutions. 17. Vibration Related Parts & Solutions.
1 - Types of Tablet & Operating System 2 Backup (contact, sms, whats app, media file) 3 How to Install Application Online & Offline 4 Internet File Downloading apple htc Motorola mi samsung sony lg nokia china coolpad karbonn lava Lenovo micromax gionee intex panasonic spice 5. Handset Repairing Without Box apple blackberry htc Motorola mi samsung sony lg nokia china gionee intex karbonn lava Lenovo micromax panasonic spice etc 6. Frp unlock all Brand Motorola mi samsung china etc 7. Apple Phone Backup & Restore. 8. Tablet PC Repairing. 9. Root Set (samsung, china) 10. cs tool Installation 11. cs tool operating

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