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The hospitality industry is where aspiring students can pursue a bright and rewarding career. Hotel management courses are being pursued by millions of girls and boys worldwide who want to become pros in various nuances of the hospitality sector. You can pursue a wide range of hotel management courses in Sant Gadgebaba Technical Institute a leading institute in Amravati.

6/12 Months

> Food Production: You gain in depth knowledge in aspects of bakery and kitchen. Given the fact hotels have numerous kitchens for making a broad range of foods and beverages, knowledge in kitchen handling is a prerequisite. > Food & Beverage Service: Learning various nuances of foods and drinks served at hotels is something hospitality industry aspirants must learn. Now that hotels in India are offering a diverse range of dining options to their customers, knowledge in foods and beverages is must for hotel management students. > Accommodation Operations (House Keeping): In any hotel, housekeeping or accommodation, management of guests is one of the key activities. From maintaining the rooms to furnishing them for client needs and managing problems, hotel management students have to become pro in various housekeeping related aspects. It is not only about rooms in the hotel, but hotel management students also learn about common areas in hotels like lobby, bar and restaurants, etc. For comprehensive knowledge on these aspects, enrolling in Sant Gadgebaba Technical Institute a top Institute of Hotel Management in Amravati would be helpful. > Front Office Operations: Contrary to the widespread perception, a course in hotel management is not necessarily all about food and cooking! As a student enrolling in such courses, you will also be taught about the various nuances of front office activities. It is necessary to learn aspects related to reception and front desk for aspirants seeking career in the hospitality industry. From room reservation to arranging concierge and handling emergencies, the front desk operators handle a lot of activities in a hotel. When you opt for Hotel Management Course in Sant Gadgebaba Technical institute, you get to learn these in detail. And many other related topics. The following is a list of hotel management subjects, the breakup of the hotel management syllabus along with some additional information
Course Modules
>Hospitality Communication - I > Food & Beverage Production - I >Food & Beverage Service - I >Hygiene & Food Safety >Management Principles & Practices >Fundamentals of Computers >Indian Constitution >Industrial Practicum

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