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Electrician technology is very important and essential throughout the world. Presently without electrical technology we can not move a single step. Specially for domestic purpose, factories (small or big) offices and in any organization, electricity is very important.

6/12 Months

> Introduction to Electrical Circuits. > Electrical Wiring, Basic Electronic > Safety in Electricals >Home Appliance Repair and Trouble Shooting >Industrial Electricals >Power Transmission & Distribution >Project and Soft Skills >Tools and Measuring Instruments >Conductors & Insulators >Magnetism and Electromagnet >Generators >Motor Winding >Fan >Submersible Pumps >Starters >Types of Wiring >Alternator >D.C. Motor >Transformer >Electrical Wiring >Tools and Measuring Instruments >Circuits >Cells and Batteries >Types of Wiring >Wiring of Different Applications >D.C.Generator >Alternator >D.C.Motor >Transformer >Electrical Home Appliances >Introduction to Solar Light System >Magnetism and Electromagnet >Basic Electrical & Electronics >Introduction to PLC >PLC Controllers >PLC Programming >Introduction to SCADA Hardware & Software >Relays, Computer Networks >Communication Protocols

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