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This course aims to provide a solid introduction to the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. The course will provide a basic understanding of the types of air conditioning systems, applications and operating principles including both refrigeration and chilled water systems as well as basic ventilation needs and equipment. A key element of this course is to provide a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the vapour compression refrigeration system, how it works, the key components and the characteristics of refrigerants.

6/12 Months

> Air conditioning equipment and human comfort > Basics of heat transfer relating to AC-R >Temperature and humidity – measurement and perception >Basic introduction to heat gains and losses in buildings >Comfort and precision air conditioning systems, their uses and the various types >Properties of air and water vapour >Chilled water in air conditioning >Introduction to the various types of ventilation systems >AC-R fundamentals including the vapour compression cycle, how it works and the critical components >Other key components >Modern refrigerants >Analysis of an AC-R circuit using gauges and thermometers And many other related topics. Students will spend time in both the classroom and the workshops taking measurements on live systems to enhance understanding.
>Repairing and preventive maintenance of refrigerators, air-conditioners, water coolers etc. > Assembly and testing of refrigerators and air-conditioners in manufacturing companies >Sales of refrigerators, air-conditioners, water coolers >Installation and maintenance of centralized AC plants, cold storages etc.

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